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28 mrt 2020 om 22:23 Chicken Biryani was really well prepared. Quantity could have been more for the price
25 mrt 2020 om 23:14 Iam very disappointed by the food delivered for the past 3 to 4 times.As the price at this place increases,the quality of the food decreases.The food is extremely greasy with lots of spicemix and it's absolutely cringeworthy to look at let alone eat. Sad!
25 mrt 2020 om 20:39 Snelle bezorging, lekker eten, attent zorgzaam briefje onder Corona tijd.
13 mrt 2020 om 20:24 Biryani was less content than usual but delicious. Rajma did not taste good and was too salty
7 mrt 2020 om 23:44 Kip was nog rauw!?
5 mrt 2020 om 20:59 Expensive and not tasty butter chicken compared to other Indian restaurants in rotterdam
5 mrt 2020 om 7:10 We’ve ordered from here a couple of times now and find the food more spice and not so much flavour. The chicken tikka only had 6 pieces of chicken and the price seems steep considering the main dish doesn’t come with rice. The paneer was nice though.
20 feb 2020 om 22:00 90 min om ons eten gewacht. 18:45 ons eten bestelt en het zou er om half 8 zijn. Toen Was er vertraging bij thuisbezorgd en niemand heeft ons geïnformeerd. Bijna 40 min te laat eten bezorgd. Eten was zelf wel goed maar de bezorging dus niet !!
11 feb 2020 om 19:00 Amazing as usual
9 feb 2020 om 17:17 Great indian food!
8 feb 2020 om 5:36 Fantastic food! Being an Indian I can confidently say they are as authentic as a restaurant in India.
6 feb 2020 om 0:07 Heerlijk eten en ruime porties. Aanrader!